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We a group of service minded people came together to established this institution in the year 2014, with the bewitching ambience of hills and greenery around the school. The only motive behind, building up this institution is to serve the society that largely comprises of rural population. As there were no CBSE schools in this region, we decided to build GREEN VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL – CBSE School dedicated to the students from varied background. This institution aims to bring out the innate potential of the students and to help in the holistic development of the individuals leaning in this institution. The very purpose of the school is to provide ample opportunities and suitable platform for the students to rise and shine at the national and international levels. Thus carving a niche in the educational field.

In a nutshell I would like to conclude that,

“Every human being must aspire to contribute something or the other to the society. They must leave behind their foot prints to be followed by others to benefit the society they live in”.

There is no end to the start. This is an endless journey.

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Why Green valley Public School ?

Green Valley belives in providing students with quality education and celebrates positive attitude, effort and achievement. Committed to excellence and academic integrity, Green Valley aims at providing an authentic, engaging, and innovative curriculum that nurtures and empowers the whole child in a dynamic learning environment.
We Help children to :
  • Achieve in a rigorous, supportive and positive learning environment
  • Care about the community and respect diversity.
  • Think critically and act globally.
  • Work as a team with a sense of commitment, belonging, support, community, encouragement and care.
  • Apply learning to real life experiences.
  • Communicate effectively using technological,written and verbal expression.
  • Practice empathy courtesy and respect for others.
  • Prepare students to live and compete in rapidly changing tech world and become lifelong learners.
Curriculum :

Green Valley is a CBSE syllabus based school and provides a challenging academic curriculum where each and every student receives a great deal of individual attention, encouragement and support to do their very best. The balanced learning supports the student's social, emotional,cognitive,creative and physical development. While the prescribed syllabus is a useful starting point, Green Valley has effectively adapted and enhanced the stdy structure to ensure that every student is adequately motivated,inspired and challenged.

At the kindergarten level, the emphasis is on providing a happy and warm environment that makes the child comfortable with the learning environs.

At the Middle and Higher Secondary Levels, the rigorous academic core standards of CBSE are followed in Languages,Art,Math and Social Studies & are aligned with required homework support,technology-aided study material and regular measurement of performance. Every Year, the key ideas are revisited and built on,year by year, giving children the opportunity to refresh their understanding.

Language Skills

Green Valley belives that language and cultural proficiency help students pursue professional and presonal interests with greater success and help them participate in the local and global communities. The ability to communicate effectively, infer accurately and respond sensibly with sensitivity is crucial in the development and subsequent contribution of a student.

Green Valley has an excellent English faculty who help the students strike a balance between linguistic and literary. Oral and Written,creative and mechanical skills. The Students are also taugh English through a sequential and articulated study program.

Somanayakkanpatti Village,
jangalapuram junction,
Nattrampalli Taluk,vellore Dist-635 582

Green valley Commences admissions for Classes from Pre Kg to V for the Academic Year 2017 – 2018. Pre KG minimum of 2½ years completed as on June 1st of the year of admission is needed. L.K.G. Minimum of 3 years. UKG to Std. IV – Children from all streams stateboard, ICSE, CBSE can apply for admission.

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Our Features

Arts and Social Studies

These subjects are vital in building an understanding between and among culturesm past and present,teach tolerance and celebrate diversity in a shrinking world. Green Valley teaching model helps students contribute to the culture and community of the School.

Math Skills

Math intrigues and inspires a thinking mind to understand the concepts and establish connections between ideas. Green Valley follows a teaching model based on understanding,enjoyment and challenge.

Language Skills

Green Valley has an excellent English faculty who help the students strike a balance between linguistic and literary,oral and written,creative and mechanical skills.The students are also taught English through a sequential and articulated study program.

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